>When are the catalogs available?

>Where are the catalogs available?

>How much are the catalogs?

>Are catalogs available online?

>Can I have a catalog delivered?

>Where is the auction?

>What is the bidding process? How do the auctions work?

>What happens to the parcels that do not sell?

>How do I pay for the property? Do you pay the night of the sale? If so, when is the balance due? What other fees are involved?

>What do I need to do after I purchase the property?

>Where is this property located?

>What is the minimum bid?

>How do I get a bid form?(SEALED BID)

>Where do I send a sealed bid?

>Can I buy property before the auction?(VERBAL AUCTION)

> Are there any liens on the property after it is purchased?

>Do I have to pay the back taxes?

>Why are you selling this property?

>What is the difference between a sealed bid and a verbal (live) auction?

>When will I know the results of a sealed bid auction?

>Why aren't mobile homes sold in all counties?

>When will I receive the deed?

>Do I have to have a title search done on the property?

> What if the property is occupied?

>When will I be responsible for the taxes? When do I need to start paying the taxes?